Monday, October 31, 2016

'Cowboys' keeping the cattle under control.

Each one weighs about 44 pounds!

Cabbage delivery bike.

Typical 'Bush' school room with up to 75 students.

For the girls who need to have some privacy.

Tubing delivery.

Yep, 5 adults on one Boda Boda.

Madilyn just gave them a new soccer ball.

Grandma at work.

First water from new borehole.

Waiting to use the new borehole.

First customers.

They want to feel her hands.

Our new latrine.

Another new borehole.

Minister for women at school desk handover.

Water project at a hospital.

Handover at a latrine.


Cute kids.

Grandma and Grandchild

School Kitchen.

School lunch - posho.

Transfer day.



Our mosquito net.

Two big trucks collided.

The Twins.

Our last Sunday at Njeru.