Monday, July 11, 2016

misc photos, July 11 2016

Junior Tabernacle Choir, at Kololo Stk Conf. These kids sang
beautiful!! and the conductor was the young man on the left
front. He was amazing and the kids sang every verse and knew
every word of  'I Know My Savior Loves Me'! Wonderful!!
Notice the matching ties for the boys and hair ribbons for girls.

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Th school kids were busy doing a beautification of the borehole
area at their school.

Everyone helping, young and old!

This is serious work.

Some of the new desks delivered at St Andrews in the Kijaguso

One of the teachers with her new (badly needed) desk and chair.

We had to drive through this swamp to get to St Andrews. Lots of
water, but did not get stuck!

I think this is the grey crowned crane. The national bird of
Uganda. He was flying right next to our truck.

We went through this little village and it must be their market
day. The road was filled with anything you might need.

Everyone had something to sell.

Another school and more desks.

The kids always like to have their photo taken.

Look how nice these desks are.

3 cubby holes for 3 students/desk. The sticks are for addition and
subtraction. Certainly more to use then fingers.

The sign blew down and needs to be repaired.

More students and more desks.

We had to go for support to the police post. One of our contractors
got beat up and robbed and he wanted us there to help his cause.
This is Sam Gawola. I asked him if i could take his photo. Once
before when I was ready to take a pic of police I nearly got us
thrown in jail. NO PICTURES. He was nice and happy!

S Howard and Sam Gawola in front of police post in Mengo.

Another heavy load!!

These are my new twins at church. They don't understand what I
say at all. I tried to tell them that I have twin boys too. I don't
think they understood until I got out John and Matt's birth pic.
They were thrilled! The boy with the brown tie was sick and
went home after this pic.

These boys are 14 and usually pass the sacrament.
I teach the youth  about genealogy and  had made
some treats in a basket, kisses, taffy and what would
be a refrig magnet at home, but no frigs and no magnets.
I wrote CTR, or nice words on them. Kisses still left,
but they liked the thoughts. The pink tie had glued
his thought on his tie. Loyal I loved what he had
chosen to do with it! :)