Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bore Hole handovers for 3 sites. Hallelujah!! June 10 2016 Kayunga Uganda

In our travels this week we passed this school that had a clean
water sign on the side of the school. This is exactly what I am
trying to teach them about cleaning the water instead of boiling.

We see sticks like this often. I asked our contractor that was with
us. what does the funnel and cup mean? He told me the funnel
means that this store has fuel and the cup means 'home brew'
the brew is on the shelf and fuel is under, on the ground.
We are just about to start the first of 3 handovers. This is at a
catholic school with about 700 students.

The Priest is talking and praying and the students all joined in.
Martin, our champion is on the left, then E & S Howard. Our
contractor took the picture.

Some of the older students. The schools went from kindergarten
to graduation. So all ages.

They had a ribbon cutting ceremony.

One of the council members tested the water and pronounced it good!

Everyone was happy! and we went on to the next school.

This is Bugerere primary school and the kids are excited. Not
quite as fancy as the catholic school but everyone here was
very helpful to our contractor.

They sent the kids back to class and we were left with the
committee members. They carried desks out of the classrooms
in the back so we had seating.

Another ribbon cutting! With scissors that didn't want to cut!'

Finally it worked and they had a thank you gift for us.

A bunch of matoke and a Billy goat, presented to E Howard.
We were not quite sure what we should do but they loaded him
into the back of our truck! We went over to the final school.

This school is Bugerere High school and a partner to the primary
school. We used the same scissors for the ceremony.

E Howard trys his hand at pumping the water.

Another thank you gift of matoke and Nanny goat! Yikes!! I see
a goat herd in the future! This female was so nervous that as they
loaded her into our truck she peed on my feet! Good thing I was
in my flips!
She is wondering what is happening. A truck ride?

By the time we unloaded the goats our billy was ready to pee too!
We gave the goats to Martin our champion and Godfrey our
contractor. They were very pleased! I was not sure what were
supposed to do with goats. But it all is fun! And many people
got clean water today!