Monday, May 23, 2016

Jinja Hospital, Miracle's Baptism, Jinja Stake Conference May 2016

We went to Jinja Hospital to check out the need for wheelchairs.

I was quite impressed with the fancy border and how lovely
the grounds were maintained!

Even beautiful flowers blooming everywhere!
We got to see live action when a ambulance arrived.

Elder Howard has arranged a tour for us!

We start with the sterilization building, 

They had 6 of these machines for sterilizing, but only 1 machine

A parked, disabled wheelchair, no longer being used.

The X-ray department was next.

A stationary machine plus a portable...but no film. They are
unable to take Xrays!

Ultrasound was next...

But machine was too small and useless.

This is where wheelchairs, beds, etc are all stored and look to
be never used. They need everything here that hospitals use. I
think wheelchairs would be a low priority. (at least in my mind)

We frequently see this Fridge Clinic car parked at the top of
our hill. But never see a worker or customers. :)

This is the baptism of Miracle, a young girl we have befriended.
E Majawa on the left, then Miracles mom, who happened to show
up just the day before, another sister that was also baptized,
(not related to Miracle) and E Cook :)

E Howard, Miracle and S Howard. 

This is our friend George from the Njeru Ward playing at the first
official stake conference. 6 months ago the Jinja Stake was
organized and S Goodwin played the keyboard for the meeting.
This first meeting George, who is 15 years old, played and did a
wonderful job!! S Chatfield, the mission Pres wife, saw that he got
a keyboard so he could learn more of the hymns. He loves to practise!

Bishop Jaker and wife with S and Pres Chatfield. He is the bishop
of Njeru ward where we attend

Our good friend Ronald from the Njeru ward. He bore his testimony
at conference, after he was sustained to be made an elder. He has
only been a member for a few months, but has paid tithing for 3
years and worked with the missionaries for 8 years!! Just a really
wonderful man! :)