Monday, May 9, 2016

Friends, favorites, Rwanda and Akagera National Park. May 2016

This is Nelson, one of our guards, a member, truck washer,
shoe cleaner and all round handyman. He is cold in this
photo and I had to tease because it was about 70* F.  :)

We saw this guy cleaning his bike in the puddle. A very common
site. He also happens to be a milkman!

A heavy bike load going north on Bombo Road. Notice the mud.

Ralph wanted me to be sure to take a pic of this crazy boda load.
A very common site.

A crazy load on top of a taxi. Impressive all they carry!

A lizard parked next to our truck.

The Ntinda missionaries. Left S Mwaloh, S Shongwe, E Hatch,
E Myers, E Carter and ENkosi. All great missionaries in their
district meeting.

Another view, so we see the front.

E Howard had just placed a Book of Mormon with these men
as we cross the border into Rwanda.Also, the book Our Search
for Happiness>  :)

Beautiful Poinsettia at the motel we stayed in as we went to
Akagera National Park, 

Anthurium at the motel. (the rooms were terrible !!! Hard, hard
mattress, round pillow the size of a soccer ball and shower with
no shower curtain, so toilet, sink everything got sprayed) YIKES!

Milk is delivered just in time for breakfast!

First thing we always see are the monkeys. 

Bird nests hanging in the tree. 

Sorry, I don't know the names.

Across the river from Rwanda is Tanzania.

These are the Gilletts from Mapleton UT. They were transferred
to Rwanda and had to fly, we brought their things in our truck!

First big animal we see in the park and he is BIG!! A good story
about this guy. 

We followed at a safe distance for a long time. maybe 20-25 minutes.
He got annoyed (?) with us, and turned and charged. E Howard tried
to remain calm as he backed as fast as the truck would go with
the sisters in the back seat screaming! Just as we came to a curve
Ralph honked the horn and the elephant stopped, turned and left.
We were all so scared that he would tip over the truck and stomp
on us. We said a prayer of thanksgiving! The only elephant we saw!

Saw lots of zebras.

Another monkey

Some of the deer.

More zebra

Notice the difference in the coloring. 

More deer that look like UT elk.

Hippos keeping cool.

Buffalo and bird friends.

Tucked in a mud hole trying to keep cool.


Everyone hanging out together.

We kept seeing huge loads of firewood. Kids are be
helping dad push the heavy load home.

Rwanda is very hilly and so they do alot of terrace gardening.
All the work is done by hand, with a hoe.

Some of the hills looked straight up. I can picture myself slipping
and rolling down to the bottom!

Border crossing. We had to have passports, registrations,etc
to get into Rwanda and back into Uganda.

E Howard getting some of the paperwork done.

Lots of waiting.

Lots of traffic, but the Book of Mormon guys found us and helped
again. They have been reading!

Almost ready to head home.

Our Njeru Elders. Left, E Gangire, E Hawk (we served with his bro
in Fiji) E LeCheminant and E Thomas all wearing ties made by
Fiona in our branch.