Friday, April 15, 2016

E Howard's birthday, Handover for Lake View School April 15 2016

E Howard and E Grundy (just came from Nevada and they are
here in Uganda for their 3rd time!!) R Is about to blow out all
his candles. His wishes will come true. Not bad for 69!!!!

This is the Bugembe Health Center IV for maternity. We have had
a VIP Latrine built for this center. (vented improved pit latrine)
It has been built behind the center,

The nice, newly built latrine, with a roof catchment so the mothers
can wash up.

One of the stalls. no toilet just the hole in the ground. This is the VIP
latrine. The pit can be drained when it is full, unlike regular latrines.

Left to right: Mathias (contractor) E Howard, Abubaker, Stk Pres
Mbiro with the Mayor. The mayor has just told us "no handover"
He wants different paint.

President Chatfield, S Chatfield, S Howard, E Howard & Mathias.
We decide to take a pic anyhow because Chatfields won't be able
to come back. And then we go on to Lake View School.

The kids are all excited as we pull up. Maybe just to get out of
class for awhile.

It is hard to tell girls from boys because they all have to shave
their heads. Boys have on shorts and girls are skirts or jumpers.

The Head Table in the classroom. Left is Abubaker, Pres & S
Chatfield, E & S Howard, The mayor and Pres Mbiro. The classroom
was very dark with only 1 light bulb. No windows on our side.
I couldn't help but notice the tablecloth is actually a curtain.

As we waited to get started a little boy (?) walked past us all and
went and made himself comfortable on Pres Chatfield's lap. We
all had to smile and Pres Chatfield was quite pleased!!

I noticed an older woman sitting on the front row, in her Sunday best.
She must be someones grandmother.

The school kids are singing us a welcome song. Mathias is talking
to the Assistant Head Teacher. We had a prayer, national anthem,
and the pledge.  All before we each talked.

Chatfields with new friend, who eventually leaned back and went
to sleep. He was very comfortable.

More singing and even some riddles.

Pres Mbiro introduce us to this member who is inactive. He is a
member of the school board. I hope he will be at church this week.

This is the nicely tiled girls washroom.

The appreciation plaque.

S Chatfield & friends.

As we entered the school, I could not help but notice how dark
the room is. But then I noticed the 1 light bulb hanging from
the ceiling. As we have visited schools, I always notice how
dark they seem, but can tell the kids don't even notice or mind.

The ribbon cutting ceremony with Mayor and Pres Mbiro with
the Head Mistress Teacher.  Richard Okello is taking the pic.

I think these girls will be the first to use new latrine!