Monday, April 4, 2016

Some pictures of visits with the Blakes and a jigger project. 04/04/16

Another great bike load. Just baskets, so not heavy. This is a
Muslim. notice his hat.

Boda transport, a new bed for someone, with mattress rolled up.

Last Sunday we had a great baptism! 8 new members! Two families
and the single guy on the end. Our Njeru elders work so hard. This
must be a record of some sort! I think that E Gangire felt bad that
he was not in white but I told him he had helped and to join in the
picture. Behind him is E LeCheminant, E Casperson in the middle
and E Thomas (South Africa) on the right. A great addition !!

E Howard, E Blake (our boss from S Africa) Claudis and Akim
all work on contract for the desk project. Akim and workers will
build 800 desks for 8 different schools that Claudis is in charge of.
We have previous pics of his business. His workers are 14, 16, 17
and 18 years old. I forgot Ivan who is 24 yrs. They must not have
school fees or they would be in school.

A completed desk

A stained completed desk.

This sign was inside one of the schools that will get desks. I
love all the proactive slogans and signs. We all need all the
encouragement we can get. Claudis was especially proud to
have us go to his office. He has a computer and electricity for
the first time in 3 years. This catholic school had it all hooked
up but quit paying the bill over 3 years ago. Claudis insisted, so
they can use computers (that look like dinosaurs!!)

3 Kids to a desk and in some classrooms the kids are sitting on
the floor or standing. I just noticed that their are 5 kids to a desk !!

This picture is in Kayunga, where we are drilling a borehole for
water. E Blake, Martin (District Health) Headteacher, E & S
Howard and Godfrey our contractor.

Another Jigger project. Sat April 2 2016

They are all thrilled and excited to have a photo taken,

Every child there would benefit from a new outfit.

This older man had come the last time we did the jiggers and they
told him to come back. He was the first one there! Notice what he
has on his feet and walked with a stick. In fact he could barely
walk at all. They made him wait until the very end and then  I
washed his feet and the old woman cutters refused to help him.
Suzy's husband Moses helped him and worked on his feet and hands.
They took him home and sprayed his home to kill the jiggers.

The women cutters. Using a razor or knife they cut away the dead
skin and use a needle to pull out the jiggers.

More cutters These women look ruthless!

E Goodwin, our older patient, Moses, Suzy and E Howard getting
ready to clean up with hydrogen peroxide. Moses had found him
some shoes to wear home.

A bike load of gerry cans full of water. I can tell this is a heavy
load for these young boys!