Sunday, March 20, 2016

Jiggers project with Suzy, office help and Pres. Mar 19 2016 near Jinja!

Another great bike load near our apartment. Too many to even fit
on his bike. We could see he was struggling to keep it balanced
as he pushed it uphill!

It's a Saturday and we arrived at this school somewhere in the
Jinja area to do Jiggers on these kids feet. They all look happy
and like they are not even bothered by the jiggers. Sometimes
the jiggers get so bad that the kids can't walk and go to school.

Always interested in checking out the new Muzungus in the area.

Inside the school we are getting set up and ready. S Chatfield,
Suzy, Anne and S Goodwin.

More for another picture. S Goodwin, S Howard, Anne, Suzy,
Diana and Sarah. All wonderful sisters here to lend a hand.

We see things drawn like this on most of the schools. And often
outside we will see hand-lettered signs with good thoughts.

This is Godfrey, our driver and handyman. He is a life saver in lots
of areas. In red behind him, E Gillett, Sean Goodwin (visiting
his folks from Utah) E Howard and the Headteacher. Please
notice Godfrey's fancy hat!!

Wash stations all set up. S Chatfield, S Gillett, and S Howard
ready for our first customers. After we clean the kids feet in the
tubs of water, they go to the ladies behind me and have the
jiggers cut out with a razor blade. Everyone had on plastic gloves.

Lots of kids waiting and the ones in front have received a hygiene
kits for good behavior. Also, some received  new shoes, socks,
underpants, and maybe a Tshirt.

Left to right: Godfrey, Sean, E Goodwin and Libby (Pres and S
Chatfield's daughter, also visiting from Utah)

Too bad I was not standing in front of Pres Chatfield. I would
got a pic of him laughing!! The men used some kind of insecticide
and sprayed the inside of all the homes in the area. They all have
dirt floors.

Suzy giving final instructions.

E Howard and E Wilson clean the wounds with hydrogen peroxide
after they have had jiggers cut out. Then end with an antibacterial

Maybe E Wilson will grow up to be a doctor. He is enjoying this!

E Howard is very careful. But this made some kids cry.

This old mama kept everyone in order. She has a stick she is using
to tap and point. (and maybe smack the unruly ones)

S Howard and her oldest patient. A boy named Abdul. He is 11
1/2 years old and made me think of Alex.

Now we see her stick! She was lovely and kept the kids in order.
We finally started about 10:30 A.M. And did not finish until
almost 2:30 P.M. We did 100 pairs of feet and will go back
in a couple of weeks to do that many again!