Sunday, March 13, 2016

Latrines getting built, desks approved and interesting pictures along the way! March 2016

Almost finished latrine at maternity health clinic. 

Still need terrazzo done inside, Clean up needed around outside
and water tank for washing. 

S Howard inspecting the back.

Foundation is almost built for latrine at Lake View Primary
School in Jinja. 
This man is carrying a load of grass for his cattle. We see this
frequently. Most often they just move the cattle to the green
grass. But sometimes they take the grass home.

A bike load of grass for cattle. He is still peddling!
2 Bike loads of grass. Every Sunday as we drive to church we
pass 2 loads of grass. We have talked and wonder if it is the
same 2 guys each week. Must be!

Ron, E Howard and Headteacher taking a GPS reading for
proposed borehole site in Mukono District.

DWO (district water officer) and secretary went with us.

I have found some new friends. Everyone likes their picture taken!

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A catholic school built near a shrine for a martyred saint. 

A peaceful patio for meditation.

The poster at the top of picture is the saint who was martyred.

Sister in red is headteacher at this school.

A good thought at the catholic school.

This young boy is working on a door at the welding shop. He is
16 years old.

Akim, E Howard and Claudias working on the agreement for
810 school desks. A new project in Semutu.

More young workers at Akim's welding shop.

A young boy (14 years old) is painting this metal trunk and kept
hiding from me as I tried to take his picture! He is hunkered
down waiting for me to give up!

I did finally get his picture as he worked on something else.
The kids all use metal trunks to take everything in when
they go off to school.

Another bike load, matoke. The green bananas. No room to peddle!
Probably too heavy besides.

E Howard meeting with more water officers in Butambala. 

E & S Howard and CAO Richard. (Chief Administrative Officer)
in Butambala.

More committee members reading the proposal.