Thursday, March 3, 2016

Photos along Bombo Road, a new project of school desks, and 3 boreholes in Kayunga Feb 2016

As we wait in a traffic jam on Bombo Rd we see a bike load of
lumber. Somehow he manages to get thru! Looks heavy! We
 are on our way to Semutu to see about 800 school desks.

Further along the road we start to have a market, which adds
to the congestion.

Selling a little bit of everything. Whatever you need!

The green in front is matoke, green bananas. Everyones favorite!

Water is Life! We are behind a water truck.

School has started here but not everyone has shown up for the
first week. Elections are still happening and perhaps that is
the reason for such few students.

Just one student in this classroom, but not any teacher here either.

A few more in here, but still no teacher. They do seem to be busy
on something.

This is a bike shop we pass along the road.

Maybe a few customers are here.

We could not resist this nice looking hotel!  Let us know if anybody
is coming and we can make a reservation!  :)

The first site in Kayunga. This is the only water supply and they
need a new borehole with pump! This is very slow and shallow
so the water is easily contaminated.

All the school kids came to check out the Muzungus.

E Howard talking with the men in charge. Godfrey (our contractor)
and Martin rode out with us. Martin has been a big help in motivating
the villages to come up with the deposit. 10%

S Howard, school kids and some moms. Everyone likes their
pic taken!

We happened to arrive right at lunch time! Cooked fresh, right
at school. a nice warm helping of posho! Everyone loves this!!
E Howard ordered it on accident at a restaurant and did not
enjoy it. I don't think he even tasted it!  

I think she is giving out a chunk of sugarcane.

Lots of kids ride their bikes to school. In fact, bikes are the most
common form of transportation.

More students in attendance here.
This is the school where we showed a hand count of who would
support new water. Almost everyone raised their hand, some even
raised both hands! The woman told us that they have to travel a
bit to get to the borehole and then wait in line for 2 1/2 hours.
An all day process!

Close up of the bikes.

Left to right: Martin (district health inspector) head teacher,
woman teacher, district education officer and E Howard.

Big sister pulling her little sister on a gerry can sled!

We are now at the catholic school and church.

They need a borehole for the whole village nearby.

We walked down to their water supply.

Just the runoff from the hills. Does not look especially clean!

Elder Casperson from Idaho holding one of the babies at Njeru
Branch. She is not afraid of this Muzungu.

A young ward member from Njeru.