Saturday, February 20, 2016

3 Days of lockdown due to presidential elections in Uganda Feb 2016

Second day of lockdown and we just ate with everyone. We are
starting to go crazy!

3rd Day I hear pots and pans landing on the grass, so I
look out from my back porch and see the elders 3 floors below
busy cleaning. Left to right: E Pearson, Blackfoot ID, E Moyes,
Magna UT, and E Hatch, Gunnison UT and our gardener Evert
happily picking up the cast offs!

E Howard and E Goodwin sitting in his truck changing the
temperature display from Celsius to Fahrenheit. They started
cleaning the trucks and got sidetracked.

E Howard had sweat running off his chin from the heat.

S Mwaloh, S Mwakajila and S Solomampionona were cleaning
in their spare bedroom. So they sat in the closet for pic!

S Howard tries the sisters spare hair!

S and E Chabra busy cooking in the kitchen!

E Nkosi decides to take a nap!

E Pearson, E Hatch, and E Moyes are now busy cleaning the
stove. The apt inspector better hurry and come while it's clean!!

E Ruell (A.P) decided on napping too! ofcourse he did not know
that S Howard was coming for photos for her blog!

E Wilson (A.P) wanted an action shot of his studying. 

S Goodwin did NOT want her pic taken!!

Still not ready!

E Goodwin trys to be helpful! Still not ready?

Now I can take a pic. She's finally ready!!!

E Goodwin is busy ironing his white shirts! Gotta love a man
who does his own ironing!

S Howard made some good banana muffins! Checked emails
and we had one from the American Embassy. Stay inside
today! Still lots of turmoil on the streets of Kampala! :(
E Goodwin and E Howard are the backstop for soccer bowling!
We filled some plastic bottles and then used a soccer ball to try
to knock down the bottles. Everyone was so tired of being cooped
up! All had fun!!

E Howard and E Pearson.

Sisters waiting their turn. Mwaloh, Mwakajila, & Solo...

This was an action shot. But somehow I missed all the action!

E Pearson and S Chabra taking photos!

E Moyes,E Hatch, E Pearson & S Chabra cheering!

This must be the ugly hat photo! Solo, Ruell, Goodwins, Wilson,
Hatch! Please note E Goodwins especially UGLY hat!!!

The finale! A group photo with all the good sports! We all had
a great time!!

My sweety blowing the bamboozle or whatever it's called!!