Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Wheelchair Specialists from S.L.C here for training. Jan

We drove 5 hours to Gulu for some follow-ups and training. E
Howard always manages to find some kids.

More kids to share a smile with. Then another 5 hours drive
back to Kampala. A long day!
Elder & Sister Hunter from Murray training physiotherapists for
wheelchair assessment and follow-ups. They have come before
and trained these people and this is a follow-up for that training.

Rose (in blue) is the nurse in charge at the hospital. Actually,
the National Wheelchair Committee Person.
Dennis, Herbert and another guy get more training.

Handcycle that we saw had been used by an older gentlemen for
his transportation. Looks well used!! He was hanging out with
friends, playing cards.

After KFC lunch we went to a place that manufactures wheelchairs
here in Kampala. They had a great set up! And one of the employees
uses walking aids.

Just about any kind of chair is made here, depending on the
disability and the need.

Another handcycle. 

E Howard had to check out the wheels. They even took him to a
shop where they build wheels, his old specialty.

This man was there learning how to use his prosthesis. He is doing

Also, a lady learning.

Howards, 2 men that run the dept, Hunters and the hospital
chief who had never been to this department before. They were quite
thrilled to have him there. He seemed impressed with the help
and knowledge offered.

I watched this couple come in and leave after a short time and
noticed the wife never tried to assist him.

Another lady that came for a follow-up evaluation. She was very
remarkable. Besides useless legs, she is blind in one eye. She
went on to explain that her husband has left and she has 3 kids
that she is able to take care of by selling hats, jewelry, etc, all
from her chair.

After getting herself settled, she proceeded to show us her wares.
She decided to make some money, when she saw the muzungus.
A great example of someone willing to work hard to support her family!!
Her wonderful smile never left her face!