Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bugembe Health Center launch and 2 schools needing latrines and a borehole! Jan 2016

This is behind the Bugembe Health Clinic where we are building
a large latrine primarily for the use of the women in the maternity
ward. It is badly needed!

Left to right: Health Clinic Director, Mathias (the contractor)
E Howard top of head, Mayor of Bugembe and Head Doctor.
The Launch! 

The Mayor is talking with the news people over on sidewalk.

Taken at the back of a school in Kayunga. This is one of the nicest,
well kept schools we have been in. The village and students are all
here to vote on raising money for a bore hole & latrine. Great turnout!

Another view of classroom. Some nice, new desks and some
older ones. Plenty of natural light.

Everyone voting for borehole and latrine. The closest latrine and
borehole are not nearby. And they explained that the borehole is
always so busy that the queue is a 2 1/2 hour wait!  Nearly the
whole day spent waiting for water! Even though it will cost 10%
of the whole project, they all want the convenience of it nearby!!

The school board of directors.

Across from the classroom, we see everyone's transportation to
come to the meeting. 

Another form of transportation. Very common! Sometimes we will
see this full of cattle with their horns tied to top rack to keep them
from hurting each other, and then men standing on top of them!

One of the way the chickens get to market. Still alive!! If they
go by boda they are hung from handlebars upside down.

At another school needing a borehole and latrine. I was impressed
with their goals. The U.S schools could learn from them!

These people had thought we would be there about 10:00 am and now
it is 2:00 pm! We felt very bad for the terrible wait. Once we got
talking, they are very interested in help with a borehole and latrine.

The rest of the schoolboard.