Thursday, January 21, 2016

Home of Hope Handover / Jan 19 2016 Kainogoga Village Uganda

I am having tech problems today so this will just have to stay at
the beginning. This is Edith, director of Home of Hope. She started
this home 9 years ago when she had a son born with cerebral palsy.
He has since died but she continues with about 40 other children.
This is the new stake president of Jinja, Pres Mbiro. He has a son
that comes for therapy here.

The beginning of the work for a washroom at the Home of Hope,
where we partnered to provide 2 10,000 litre water tanks and
a much needed washroom.
Home of Hope is a care facility for handicapped children.

Work is progressing nicely! Washing daily is still managed.

It was decided to lower the washroom floor so the women could
wash without bending over.

One of the new tanks on the base at the front of the home.

More work getting completed.

The base for the tank next to the wash room. Both tanks use
rain water from the roof.

The completed washroom!! Already for the handover today.

Three wash stations with tile and drains in the floor. Also,
counter space for plenty of laundry!

Some of the staff giving us a demonstration! Nice water pressure!

Elder Howard with Abubaker on his right and Mathias. These
fine men are the contractors and E Howard is proud!!

While we were waiting to get started, we had lots of singing,
drumming, and dancing! All the kids wanted to come out and
join in the festivities!

Some came in wheelchairs and some by their own power. Some
are too young to come outside.

This little girl was so excited to come out and join the party!
This is the plaque that we used for the handover.
Edith and President Mbiro cutting the ribbon!
More of staff and kids dancing. The little handicap children
all had perfect rhythm and wanted to participate!! I loved it! 
This is the cook house and could use some improvement!
Another photo of the cook house. Lots of work needs to be done
here. I know we both feel like we'd like to help more. ?
A young boy, Edith, E Howard, S Howard all dancing!

Everyone cheers!
We are proud and thrilled to help in anyway with a project so
needed. We have just passed our halfway mark and thankful
to be here! :)