Saturday, January 2, 2016

Mukuno well site and an Introduction for engagement! Jan 1 2016

A cute little girl at the well we were visiting in Mukuno.
Kids waiting for their turn at pumping water at the well in Mukuno.
It was very busy and I watched a man bring a wheelbarrow full of
6 gerry cans. It will be a heavy load when he returns home. Even
the little kids will carry whatever size can they are able.

This young man was also waiting. We see kids, people riding like
this very often. Maybe it is more comfortable!?  

Could not resist this heavy load as he went past! No place to
sit and pedal! I wonder how far he will have to go?

We went to an Introduction. Which is a visit from
a young man hoping to marry his girlfriend. He is
expected to take gifts for the girl's family. The young
man was one of our contractors, Emmanuel Ssenyonga.
This is his Auntie come to enjoy the getting ready. Everyone
calls him Emma.

The little living room was full of gifts and things we were taking.
Maybe we were invited for the use of our truck! We filled it up!!
And some family in the second borrowed car held gifts on their
laps the whole way, almost 2 hours drive down a pumpy, dusty road

The truck is almost full. Bread, butter, one whole tub of meat
wrapped in banana leaves for protection, tomatoes and peppers,
a pallet of salt, matoke, 2 bags of rice, etc.
The brother on the left is 1st councilor in Stake Pres. and next
to him is Edward Evaju. All friends of Emma, here for support.

Before we got to the house we stopped about 50 yds away for final
instructions on the proper manners. Too bad it was all in Ugandian
so Ralph and I did not understand a word.

Left to right: Muzungu missionaries, Edward, James Burton look
alike and the family representative, 1st Councilor, Emma's sister,
younger bro behind her, Emma, mentor, older bro, and cousin.
All in traditional dress. They had to get permission for us to come
in our regular attire.

The 2 men on left are the officiators, from each family. Women
in from our Dora's aunties (bride to be) with the grandmas in the
back and brothers on right.

They gave us fanta orange to drink and water for the missionaries
I forgot to add that Emma had asked Ralph and I to sing "Love
at Home" We did and Emma, Edward, &1st Counc joined us.
We tried to tell him that maybe he would be run off when we started
to sing. I was glad for the backup. I could not get dad to practice. :)

This is the first time to see Emma's sweetheart. Dora is in the
middle, in blue and gold with very fancy hair, auntie on her left
and younger sister on right.

Emma's sister presents the beginning of the gifts. A small suitcase
that was never opened. Clothes, I think.

Sister, Emma, and fiance.

Unloading the truck! I was surprised how easily these men could
walk in the gowns over sunday trousers. It was a hot day!!

All is finally brought in. including 4 cases of soda and 2 large bags
of rice. The gifts were all accepted and engagement is final.
No more gifts will be needed. All of the bride to be, family will
divide this up. We did drink up warm soda.And took home bottles. 

The little kids outside the door, enjoying their cousins.

More aunties and cousins wait outside. I think the house was
maxed out!

A fancy flower that is an empty pod. I wasn't told the name.