Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Dancing at Ndere, Home of Hope, Skits at our Christmas program,

Women dancing at Ndere Center. Kind of like the Polynesian
Culture Center in Hawaii. They could move their hips!! The
senior couples and office workers went for an outing.

These men could jump very high! 

My favorite of the whole evening! The men came in with these
heavy drums on their heads, beating the drums with  the sticks
in their hands and also would kick the drum with their foot!!
All done in unison and no drum was dropped!!

The ladies balancing their pots and dancing. The whole evening
was wonderful and we finished by dancing with the performers
and drummers. Everyone had fun!
Building washing facilities for the Home of Hope. This is one of
our projects. Home of Hope has children that are disabled and
handicapped and needed help with more water and the wash
station. The church has provided 2 tanks for water catchment.

The front of the building with some of the kids out on the porch.

This will be wonderful when it is completed. I will post pictures
from handover sometime in January.

We decided to build a wash stand so the women don't have to
bend to the ground to wash.

Lots of wash for the 35+ kids that live here! Looks like more
lines needed for hanging clothes!
Our Christmas program even had a visit from Santa (Elder Burdette)
one of the A.P.s with our other A.P, Elder Tsele. These guys
are great and work hard!

The Elders from Ntinda. Elders Barker, Burdette, and Moyes.
Barker is from Herriman and Moyes is from Magna. Burdette
is from Washington.

Rest of the missionaries from Ntinda. Sister Mwakajita, Elder
Schweitzer, Tsele, Sister Kongo and Elder Kityega. Muzungu
elder is from St George and all the rest from Africa!

This is the Nsambya Zone. They did a great dance using only
a pan for a drum. Very good dancing even from the Muzungus!

Sisters from Jinja. Told the story of the restoration by only
singing hymns with their beautiful voices. And finished with
a dance. Well done!

These are our Njeru Elders. E Thomas, Casperson, Leting and
Essoun. All are from Africa except Casperson, (Idaho) These
guys are doing a great work and have baptisms almost weekly!

Our Ntinda Elders getting back to work! They walk everywhere
and I was surprised to see them out by the Northern Bypass.
Very far from their apartment!!

A beautiful sunset on the Nile. We were at the Jinja Sailing Club
for an activity with Public Affairs and all the local journalists.