Saturday, December 12, 2015

Handover in Amuria County with Musa Ecweru, minister of disaster relief

Just another bike load. This man is delivering milk! He fills the
white plastic with however much you want of raw milk. We see
many of these in the morning. The milkman!

This is Musa at our first handover in Soroti area. We always
hand out mosquito nets to mothers with babies first. Then older
women and last the single men who don't have a wife with a net.
Friday, Dec 4, 2015

We try to find the very oldest for Sis Howard to personally hand
her a net. Everyone is very thankful. Malaria is a huge problem
in this area because of so much water.

Another grateful mother. We are at Ajota school, where we
gave out about 500 nets.

Elder Howard trying to find a way to be useful.

He finds a diversion! A bike that is very useful.

The bike owner has made a portable grinder. He will come and
sharpen your knives, no matter how far away.

E Howard was very impressed with this whole set up! He even
has a movie of all the workings.

An assistant giving E Howard a demonstration!

He seems proud to show a Muzungu the set up.

The bike owner, knife sharpening businessman!

He sharpened several knives during the handover.
Imagine how happy the mothers are to go home
with a net and sharp knives!

Another handover in Opiriai and Amoru villages, Sis Howard
and Musa have gathered the older woman. 

All are thankful and appreciative!

The kids have gathered to check out the Muzungus. The truck with
nets in the background.

This is Musa's personal bodyguard. He was with us as
we did the hoes our first month in Uganda.

Just a small handover near Musa's compound in Amuria county...

where we picked up more nets that had been stored.

Saturday, Dec 5, 2015
Aten, Olagai, and Aciloa villages. During the handover a woman
in the crowd had an epileptic seizure. 

Another 500 nets handed out here!

A cute little family waiting for a mosquito net. Hopefully 2!

We saw this young woman coming from quite a distance. She is
handicapped and gets around by dragging her useless legs behind .

We talked with her and her brother. Her mother has died and she lives
with her brother. She is 17 years old. We have contacted Pres Owidi
in Mbale who is helping us with this. This young sister could
benefit from a wheelchair!

2 small villages, Olianai and Alakaituk and 400 nets given.

Anzaro and Osekai villages, about 500 nets given here.

I am reaching out to a mother whose name is Magdalenia. Pretty
close to Madilyn. She was thrilled to have the same name.

Handing my namesake a net,

It has been a long day and we have given many nets.

Never too tired to take another pic of a bike load. I think this
is the local tupperware dealer!

After that last handover, Musa decided we had time for one more.
They introduced Musa here as the 'Son of the Soil' Musa saved these
people from the crazy Idi Amin. Everyone loves him! When we
had finished we had handed out approximately 4,000 nets!!
Hopefully a great blessing and help for these wonderful people.

We returned to this hotel every nite to sleep in comfort. A bed,
mosquito net, but no electricity the first 2 days. So we were
kind of camping. Ralph got eaten by bedbugs!! I don't know how
they missed me! Thank Heavens!!! We were even in the same bed!

When we got home I decorated a small tree and got ready for the
Christmas season! Then we took off the next day for Safari!