Saturday, December 12, 2015

Safari to Paraa and Chobe in Uganda Dec8-11 2015

Our handsome tour guide on the ferry up to Murchison Falls.
We are once again on the Nile river.

This sign is posted everywhere. No feeding the wild animals!
Does that include the tour guide?

The first animal, a cute monkey begging for food on the road.

Not so cute baboon, begging.

Looks like an old guy waiting for someone to bring him dinner!

When we got close up with the giraffe Ralph thought they were
quite regal as they moved, very smooth and graceful.

African Buffalo. Usually with a couple of birds. 

Haartebeest. Not misspelled. 

We all decided these were quite homely! They can run 80 kph!

The Paraa lodge. Very nice and modern, but color to the water
so they gave us bottled water each day. Probably water right
from the Nile.

This guy has a sore on his neck probably from fighting.


We saw lots of these warthogs and they were not pretty!
Have a speed of 55kph

Dik Dik They are quite small and this guy needed to have braces
on his horns. They are growing in the wrong direction.
Warthogs behind him.

More African buffalo or sometimes called cape buffalo.

These can be quite aggressive and can run 57kph! The white
bird are always nearby. They can find insect for their meals
in the turned over dirt from the buffalo's hoof.

The first elephant we spotted. Because he is alone he old and
and probably close to dying. They are driven out from the herd.

Crazy Muzungus taking pictures.

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I thought this guy had on a white sweatband but it is his ears.
They are white.

I think this may be a Kob.

More giraffes

Hippos in the Nile. They stay in the river all day and then at nite
come out to eat grass. Speed 30kph

May be a water buck. Looks like Utah elk.

Pres Chatfield and senior missionaries relaxing.

Paraa lodge from the back.

Crocodile Not very fast 15kph. We watched a duck come close
and wondered if he would be dinner. Croc not hungry.

More monkeys


Murchison Falls, Spectacular!!

Most of our elephant pic are from behind because as soon as they
see us they take off.
The hippos are huge almost like an elephant.

Monkey but don't know which.

This is E/S Johnson from Ethiopia by an elephant toy tree.
They say the elephants will swing these around with their trunk.

Our view from our room in Chobe of the Nile.

Last day and ready to get back to work. But what a great trip!!
with nice accommodations and meals included, so we all overate!

One last pic of the Nile river.