Sunday, November 29, 2015

Johannesburg Temple, 2nd Stake Organized in Uganda, Nov 29, 2015

While in Johannesburg the Blakes (Richard Blake's brother
and our Welfare Specialist) took us to their favorite restaurant...
Mikes. Quite fancy and good food! We stayed at the courtyard, very
nice with a wonderful breakfast every morning! And had NO
water the whole first day! We have come from brown water to
no water!! Maybe this is only a test!?

The entry to the mission offices and temple. Everything
is gated with guards and electric wire. All shops close
at 6:00pm in town and they said it isn't safe to be out.

This reminds me of the Dallas Temple. Lots of beautiful flowers.
This is Sis Blake in front of the temple gate.

Lovely flowers and courtyards with walkways everywhere.

I don't know the name of these flowers, but they were my favorite
there at the temple. We will be in Johannesburg again in January.
We found a water pump to take back to Uganda to fix a water problem
and a ham for thanksgiving dinner. Yeah!

On Saturday we went to check on a water project at the Home
of Hope. We got stuck in a parade and couldn't resist a picture
of these cute kids. We threw them a package of cookies out the
car window and the big brother caught them and never dropped
his little brother! Little sister has quite fancy hair for a village.

This is a school marching with sticks instead of rifles. Also,
full band and lots of admires watching along the dirt road.

Sweet potatoes planted along the road.

The 2nd stake in Uganda was organized today. A huge tent was
set up to accommodate the 750+ members there. This is before
 meeting started. It was wonderful, with lots of young missionaries
and a few senior couples. They had a hard time finding a tent. The
Pope is in town and we have had lots of traffic problems since his
arrival on Friday. Our traffic is pretty hectic without anything extra!

Pres Chatfield, our Mission Pres, pointed out that the young men
at 12 years of age in our church have more authority then the Pope.
And usually don't cause as much confusion.

The meeting at Walukaba Branch was historic. They have a very
lovely chapel and nice grounds. Everyone was excited to be there.

Had to add the bike transport. This guy had 4 bags of cement!
Probably close to 200 lbs!!

I handed him a package of cookies as we went past! We always
keep them in the car for kids and guards! They call them biscuits.
It's always a tight squeeze! He is trying to keep his bike on the
pavement, so it is easier to push!!