Friday, November 13, 2015

Bike and Boda loads, Our Day Hike to Sipi Falls and members of Njeru Branch.

A Boda transport delivering bread.

This is a load of wood being delivered by bike.

Taken out our truck window and I completely missed the bike!

0n the left is our guide, Thomas, Then Ralph, Sis Goodwin,
Elder Goodwin, Sis Gillett and Elder Chabra. Some
must be in pay toilet. We are celebrating Goodwin's 40th
wedding anniversary at Sipi Falls high on the mountain above Mbale

Sis Chabra showing us the wonderful PAY toilet! YIKES!!
We really did have to PAY for the use!!!

We all used hiking sticks, it was so steep and very, very muddy.
By the time we got to the top we were socked!! And our feet
covered in mud!

Madilyn and Ralph on another mountain top overlooking the falls.
Sipi Falls is in the background  just above Ralph's left ear.

Some thorns on the bushes they use for cattle pens.

Elder Goodwin, Elder Gillett, Elder Chabra, young bull
and Elder Howard.

This sweet, old lady was sitting by her house and needed
someone to visit her. So I did! She has a bad leg.

Ralph and Madilyn at the bottom of the falls, quite wet!

Rosemary Apio from Njeru Branch will leave
next week to serve in Cape Coast Ghana.

This is Patience, the branch pres daughter, very
sharp and smart and my friend.

Moses Mesindi also leaving to serve in Cape Coast

A sign on the road by Mission Office. I have never seen a zebra!

This is the taxi park and Suzy insisted that we walk through
the middle of it on our material shopping trip! Ofcourse
we were covered in mud!

A favorite drink at Prunes, a great place to eat!