Friday, November 13, 2015

Bike Transports, Nets going to Soroti, New Truck, Wheelchair Clinic, and Mad/Cow?

Lady carrying load of seats to market. We see them carry
anything on their matter size or how heavy! Amazing!!

More Bike transports. This time campaign posters to a rally.
It is election time here in Uganda!

Bike with load of gerry cans for water. If these are full
this would be a very heavy load!!!

Probably no water.

We have had mosquito nets stored at the Mission Pres home.
We are getting ready to deliver to the Soroti area.

His driveway is very steep so safety measures are taken!

The drivers have been very careful.

Trying to get everything to fit. This is the 2nd truck load.

These are the new ford trucks, parked in our compound.

 E/S Howard's truck. Silver, 6 speed, 3.2 diesel, leather
seats and blue tooth. Constantly in need of wash from the
unfinished roads and huge potholes!!!

This man has come to a wheelchair clinic, sponsored by
Ministry of Health. E Howard attended without his comp
who was at another function.

Previous wheelchair recipients.

Various wheelchairs available for any need.

All shapes and sizes!

Young Lady at the clinic.

This is no bull! In my previous pic the calf was nursing! These
horns look heavy.
We just finished loading all the mosquito nets and decided to
try on horns. This is our Mission President. Sis Chatfield in the
doorway and Pres Chatfield adjusting my horns. Ralph is amazed!