Saturday, October 17, 2015

Glasses Handover with Suzan Apondi in Jinja on Oct 16 2015 & lunch!

Main Street Primary School in Jinja. The church had 300 glasses
to give away. These were left over from a project in Rwanda.

Suzan Apondi was the organizer for this event and asked E/S
Howard to help support it. Pres and S Chatfield came, but had
a wedding and would be late. They had announced that the Pres
of the LDS church was coming! So when Ralph and I showed up
they assumed he was the Vice Pres. :)

 Eye Dr. (blue shirt) helping someone get the proper prescription.

The people were waiting under a tent that had been set up outside.

I think E Howard is trying to rest his eyes.

We started the glasses handover around 2:00pm. It had been a long
day for most of these good people.

Everyone was very thankful and appreciative.

We even had an officer come who we were thrilled to meet.

Most of the ladies were in their 'Sunday Best'

We were thrilled to help with such a great project. A blessing
to many people!
We went to a fancy, nice place for lunch, along the Nile River.

Suzan Apondi and E Howard. Can you see a dinosaur in background?

This was Suzy's lunch! She was very excited!!
A whole talipia!

She ate the whole thing! Including the eyeballs and fins. She said
the fins taste like crackers! I took her word for it. No need to try!
I had delicious pork chops! YEAH!!
A wonderful day and a great blessing to 300 people! :)