Saturday, October 17, 2015

Everyday life in Uganda for Humanitarian Missionaries!

Elder Howard hard at work in office in our apartment. He still
uses his sticky notes! Nothing different from the Bike Shoppe!

 Young missionaries in our building. They meet each wednesday
for preparation. They are faithful and wonderful! We love these
young missionaries!! They are a blessing to us and the people of

What a great meeting place! I know that some of our guards have
now joined the church. Maybe through the good example of these
young men and women. They start with prayer and even sing
opening and closing songs.

On the far left is Elder Schweitzer from St George and the muzungu
next to him is Elder Barker from Herriman. All the rest are from
somewhere in Africa.

The specialists in South Africa asked us to check on existing,
older projects and evaluate them for success. We went to St.
Andrews school that had been given a water pump 2 years previous.
This was probably about 80 km from our apt. We used our Ipad
and google maps to find our way. Worked well! Ofcourse we had
a good navigator!

As we pulled up to the school, the first thing we saw was the pump.
Working well!! Even looks like clean water!! The pump is used by
school and neighborhood families.

E Howard with the Headteacher and the vice at St Andrews. They
said that the pump had broken down in Aug but they had collected
funds and had someone repair it. That means this project is a huge
success, because they are willing to take care and repair it, without
our help and support. As we looked around it was obvious that perhaps
we could help in different ways.

This is a classroom with benches and desks.

Some in bad need of repair!!

The boys latrine is almost full.

This is inside the girls latrine.

The girls latrine.

Inside the boys latrine.

Almost ready to leave and more kids at the pump getting water.

Once they see my camera, we get more helpers waiting to pump!
For most of these kids it will be the first time they have had a
photo taken and they are always thrilled to see the picture after!
We are so blessed!