Monday, October 5, 2015

Some of our Missionaries.

Elder Howard and Elder Tolman working on their truck with a dead
battery. Elder Tolman is from Idaho and has gone home.

I don't know everyone name. We don't usually see them.

Elder Mothajana one of our A.P.s is in the center. He is from S.A.

Elder Tsele the other A.P. with the huge smile. A neat, positive kid!

Some of the new Muzungu missionaries, fresh from UT & ID

More of the new missionaries and Sis Chabra. She and her
husband make up the medical team. And we all receive great
care!! :)

This is transfer day and everyone comes to our apt building to
wait for rides.

New and old, coming and leaving. I am taking pictures from
our apt window on the 2nd floor.

Some of the Elders notice me taking pics and start to pose.

More Elders new and old.

One of our new Elders and Elder with a broken arm.

Some of our oldest missionaries!! Standing in front of their truck.
We have used this truck and even had it deroached once! We got
a new truck the first of Oct. A silver ford ranger!

E. Schweitzer, from St George, E. Barker from Herriman (brand new)
and E.Kityega. E. Schweitzer got here just after we arrived and he
is already a trainer. He is a good kid and a great missionary!

The middle missionary is just new and on his way to Rwanda. I
made banana spilts for desert with a strawberry on top. He asked
me what it was, had never seen one before.