Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Some work and some play, just random pics!

Sister and Elder Goodwin, office couple! He does finance and
she takes care of everything for young missionaries. We all
depend on them for any help! Lehi, Utah

Sister and Elder Gillett, MLS. They are living out in Jinja and
help with several branches and the young missionaries living
in their area.  Mapleton, Utah

Sister and President Chatfield. They are our Mission President.
Almost done with their 3 years and have made a great impact in
Uganda! I know how much the missionaries love and depend on
them. He does NOT like to smile for photos!!!  (We know
someone like that!)  Alpine, Utah  
Elder/Dr and Sister Chabra. They are our medical couple and
we all depend on them! No one would dare go to a medical
doctor here. We all just show up at their apt. or call.
Sacramento, California
Another heavy, impossible bike load. This man is
delivering beer! As we passed him I noticed all the
bottles are full, not empty! Glass bottles, so extra weight!

This is in Masaka. Out by Lake Victoria. We drove out here to look
at possible projects. They need help with latrines and water!
The main livelihood here is fishing! 

This is their main latrine. Looks nice but is full, so they were
telling us that everyone just poops in a plastic bag and walks
to the lake and tosses it toward the lake or where ever at night.

This is the result! Yikes!!!

Elder Howard taking notes as he talks with the village people.

A second latrine that has problems also. How could there not be
problems with 9,000 people using these latrines?!

This little house looks like it is on fire. It isn't. It is a smokehouse,
for drying fish. Currently in use.
This fisherman is repairing his nets! I stood and watched him for
a long time. He just had a pattern and never stopped weaving.

Some of the dried fish. The women got a kick out of the Muzungu
taking a picture of the fish! Must have made their day!

Madilyn and Ralph at the equator! They had this fixed up fancy,
with a line going across the road.Do we remind you of the top of
a wedding cake?

This is another pic of one of my favorite loads! The cattle, with
their horns tied up, matoke, (green bananas) and men sitting on
top! Life is good!!

I don't know if I ever sent a pic of these ugly birds? I think by our
church. They just stand around waiting for something to be
thrown away. And they stand taller then me!

Now this beautiful bird is the Gray crowned Crane. The Uganda
national bird. He is in front of one of our favorite stores!
We call it New Quality, because we just found the store.
It has lots of American type things...tide, post cereal, etc.

Driving out to Kayunga we came upon a tipped-over cane truck!
Completely blocking the road.

Ralph said "be sure to get a pic of the driver waiting for help!!"

I took some pic of these women pumping water, only to find out
they are prisoners. I guess pumping water for the jail. They did
love having their picture taken.

Not often do we see a real cyclist! With even a helmet on! Most
times we see bikes being used to haul loads, not for fun. He is
wearing his glasses on the back of his head.

This is a new latrine being built at Bugembe Health Center, with
Mathias standing by. The health center is a maternity center and
the latrine was very needed.  

More views.

And inside. It will be nice when finished.

A boda boda load. Sugar cane and paying customer. The man in
the red shirt is the customer. But I could not get a second pic as
went past.

This is a taxi with the driver on right, signaling that they are going
far and have room. The conductor, on the left is making the same
signal. Sometimes it is just the conductor who signals.

A young boy with a heavy load of produce pushing it to the market.

E Howard, Claudius, Head teacher at St Kizito and desk builder,
in front of his business. We are helping 8 schools get desks for
students. Claudius used to be at St. Andrews school and was
transferred to new school, Kizito. He has included St. Andrews
school for the desks.

Another shop making a bid for the desk building.

These little kids were across the street yelling, Muzungu,
Muzungu! So while E Howard was busy I walked
across the street and as soon as I started walking over,
they ran screaming!! Parents tell the kids if they
are naughty the Muzungus will come and eat them
or at least take them. After I talked with mom, they
all came around. Most had never seen a Muzungu. Notice
the little ones are still terrified!

A business Muzungu always draws a crowd. Hopefully we will
get approximately 800 desks!!