Monday, August 10, 2015

More Photos

S Goodwin is napping while we wait for Godfry to pick us up.
Nice spot to stop! Cool and shady with a clean place to sit.

 Water tank and ladders at the restaurant where we stopped.

Lady making purses at Friday Market.
Boda loaded with new mattresses. They started to fall off!

I noticed these birds across the street from Njeru Chapel. I will
try to remember come thanksgiving. Grandkids, name the birds!?

This is not a bird, but what is it?? Only grandkids need to answer!
I put Ralph's name tag there so you can see the size!! Yikes!!

This is our cleaning lady, Christine with Nathan ready to take
 a nap. He weighs 17 kilo!! 

A couple of guards at one of the stores. The man usually wands E
Howard and the lady checks my purse. This is after a search of our
vehicle as we enter parking area.

Women weaving at Friday Market.

This brother has a shop in part of a container at the market. He is
a new member of the church and he and his wife have 2 treadle
sewing machines they use to make almost anything. We are having
him make some ties for Ralph. He is also making a wraparound
skirt for S Goodwin and an apron for S Chabra.