Monday, August 10, 2015

Njeru Branch

This is Njeru Branch where we have been assigned. It takes us
almost 2 hours of driving to get here. We leave about 7:30am.
Ralph meets beforehand with the Branch Pres. Sacrament starts
at 10:00am everywhere in Uganda.

This building is rented by the church. On each side is a 'motel'.
There is a large grassy area in back.

The back of the chairs for sacrament meeting.

The Elders Quorum Pres rides to church on this pink bike. His is
the only transport to church beside our truck! Everyone else walks.

Some of the young woman in our branch. Sis Rosemary the YW
Pres asked me to pick up some 'For the strength of Youth' for the
YW and YM. Everyone was thrilled!! Like Christmas had come!!

Patience, Precious, Joyce and little sister. I had also picked up
some New Eras.

Ralph with EQ Pres and the sister in blue and white is Rosemary,
the YW Pres.

I forgot, another transport. This man must be a boda driver during
the week. Brought his whole family to church!

Everyone is anxious to read their Era.

This week we hitched a ride to church with E/S Goodwin because our truck was being de-roached. When they stopped to pick us up after church (they go about 15k further to their branch) at Njero, their truck died.
Dead Battery! The owner from the motel next door came to offer
help. He had 1 jumper cable! But an investigator brought a battery,
and some cable and held them on and got us going. We got part way
home and then lost air-conditioning, then power window and then the
truck died again. We had to be rescued by Godfrey, from the office, who
brought a new battery. We finally got home at 5:30 last nite. A long day!