Sunday, August 23, 2015

Our Office and a Mormon Helping Hands Activity

The door to our office in the Kololo Stake Center.

Sitting at our desk, looking at 6 pics of previous humanitarian couples.

Ralph and Samuel Kizito discussing previous projects. He is a
site monitor for projects.

This is the Health Center where the Njeru Branch did a service
project. They have cleaned here for 5 years!

The waiting room with women waiting to be seen.

Getting ready to get started!

Exam room.

Hand washing station. These are very common and we see set ups
like this even in restaurants.

These good members and branch pres (2 from left) were the first
to arrive and get started,

Cleaning windows on the outside.

We got quite the crowd, even this little family across the street.

Pres Jaker greeting a new helper Joyce, 2nd counselor in YW.
She is one of the young women!

Ralph and Ivan cleaning blood and guts off floor! Ugh!

Cleaning the waiting room. Notice how everyone has on exam
gloves and masks! Hope this helps and was enough!

Our group picture as we have just finished!! Everyone was proud
and thrilled to help out! 

Enjoying refreshments provided by the welfare service missionaries.
Bananas, biscuits, (really cookies) and water.

Ralph talking with the director of the clinic.

We pass this bicycle shop everytime we drive to Njeru. It is
open early, every day of the week! We need to stop and visit.

We have mentioned all the crazy things we see being hauled
by boda drivers and customers.

These are the birds of the week! Can anyone name them? I wanted
to take a pic with me standing next to them. They are almost as
tall as me. But we all know I am not too tall!

A bike parked with a heavy load. I can't even see where he sits!

A young girl with her load of weaving stuff.

Probably her dad and brother with same load.

As we drove home from church we had to get a pic and video
of these guys...singing, skating, and being towed. 

Another crazy, common load for bodas. Live chickens. We see
 these often and sometimes the chickens are just tied by their
legs and hung from handelbars.

We see these bulls(?) with their long, huge horns everywhere.
They don't seem to get much nourishment from the grass!
We saw this truck at Shoprite, our favorite store!

Another landmark we pass often.