Thursday, July 30, 2015

Our new home in Uganda

These are our water tanks for the 8 apts in our building and the
caretakers place. And our truck parking. By the end of the day we
have 4 trucks parked here. At 6:30 am the young elders use this
for their serious soccer! with lots of clapping and hollering!!
The picture is taken from our living room window.

Ralph getting his office ready for action!

Our nice kitchen with our water filters and a nice blender.
I have learned to make good smoothies without ice...I use apple
bananas and pineapple that have been frozen, and yogurt!

Our living area with attached office. Notice the vacuum box I use as a
footstool! I think we have the only vacuum in Uganda!

This has been taken from our back porch, where I have a mini
washing machine. In the 3rd courtyard is where 2 little boys live,
that run around pushing a bicycle without any clothes on.

I need the kids to look up and email me what kind of birds these are?
We have lots of them and they make a loud squawk!!!

This is Nathan. His mother, Christine cleans for us. When he
gets tired he is bundled on her back and sleeps! 17 kilos.

Ralph trying to concentrate on his driving with the bodas all around!

At the mission office. The couple are the Chabras (medical, from CA) and
Sister Chatfield the mission pres' wife. They are from Alpine UT. I
can tell it's a Monday because of the treats on the counter. The young
elders stop by on their way to use computers at an internet cafe.

The three A.Ps working on computers. Across from them is Suzy
and Sarah who are paid employees. We have 3 because Elder
Peterson is leaving soon.

Last but not least is our bedroom and a photo of our mosquito
net that we sleep under. The mosquitos that cause malaria are
out and about at nite. :) :) xoxox