Sunday, July 26, 2015

Our trip to the source of the River Nile and miscellaneous other photos.

A two lane road turns into a 3 1/2 lane - the boda is the 1/2 lane. 

The bodas go any direction at any time.

Now we have a full 4 lanes on the same 2 lane road.

Bodas ready for hire.

A roadside nursery.

Sugar Cane field.

Sugar Cane truck.

A bicycle carrying a load of produce.

The River Nile

An intersection in Jinja where the Nile starts.

Jinja town.

Two of the three main modes of travel (bicycle, boda and taxi)

Our boat to take us to the source of the Nile.

Our trainers - E&S Kinghorn(L) and E&S Peterson(R) from South Africa.

Birds on the river.

Homes on the river.

Monkey on the river.

A fish diving bird drying his wings.

Almost look like eagles.

Sign along the shore as we approached the source.

The source or beginning of the River Nile as it flows north out of  Lake Victoria.

A river lizard.

This sign was stuck in the ground on a tiny (10'X16') piece of land in the middle of the beginning of the river.

River settlement.


A bicyclist with their seemingly impossible loads.

Note the one lane turned into two.

One of my favorite vehicles so far.  Note: no front end (the Isuzu is not much better), right rear outer wheel missing, and the best of all, NO windshield!

Now pay attention, a taxi passing in the same direction of travel and then a few seconds later,

a boda with three people on it going the OTHER DIRECTION!

Our favorite pic of a bicycle with an improbable load.

A cow and a chicken sharing a meal.

Caution - Wide Load!

Making bricks.