Sunday, July 12, 2015

Some fun pictures and videos

Some of the produce from a roadside market, think of pettingil's fruit.
6 large avocados, 4 peppers, cabbage, bananas and pineapple all
delicious!! We stopped and the women came running with their items
to our truck. Muzungus (white folks) Our avocado tree is not ripe yet!

Mama washing her young son with another waiting.

Have the kids look up what kind of bird this is?? looks to be an eagle or hawk.

Bicycle transports

We are taking pictures of everything we see hauled by bike!
there will be lots... live chickens, stacks of eggs, large trunks etc.

We did not stay at this hotel. But will book it for anyone coming!

Kids getting water, a daily task!!

Lots of kids ride bikes like this to better reach.

Stadium seating!

Madilyn with policeman and village leaders.

Mama with her precious load...

taking his nap!

Transport in village.
This transport man was unhappy with us for taking his picture!!

A boda driver and passenger with truck door!