Sunday, July 12, 2015

Our third Sunday in Uganda - The Ntinda Branch near our apartment.

After the meetings are over everyone helps put away the chairs.
We had Sacrament service, gospel principles and priesthood under the tent.
They had new missionaries speak. One new sis from Congo, One elder from
St George UT, one elder from Kenya and the Senior couple from S Ogden Ut.

This meeting compound is about 2 miles from our apt.

The service was very nice and cool with a light breeze blowing
thru. I was happy to hear all the birds.
Priesthood is still in session.

This is the primary room. Behind the brick building next to the tent.

Getting some refreshments ready for the kids.

Cute kids that were happy and shy to have me visiting.

These were 2 boys that wanted to be in my picture of the poinsettia tree.
Also a hibiscus bush in front.