Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hoe Handover Ceremonies

We spent the week of July 6, 2015 participating in Handover Ceremonies to distribute hoes from a project that was organized and implemented by Elder & Sister Hannan, the previous Humanitarian Missionaries.  There were 17 handovers in 17 different villages in 4 days each many hours into the 'bush'.  In two of the locations our partner and guide, Ecweru Musa Francis, a member of Parliament and a former leader in the militia known as the Arrow Boys that drove Joseph Kony out of Northern Uganda, said that we were the first white people to enter their village. 

A happy recipient of a hoe.

We were given a chicken as a gift of thanks.  

woman of the village waiting for hoes

Some of the children.

More children kept coming!

Musa said that some of the villagers have never seen white people.

Plenty of kids and bicycles!

He rode the bike just as you see him, hanging on to the top tube with one hand and the handle bar with the other, pedaling 'through' the main frame with his right leg.

proud mama with her new hoe.